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Jets lose by 1 to pats possibly Rex's last home game
Jetsfan0099 Icon : (Yesterday, 04:21 PM) Jay Glazer is reporting this, he usually money
santana Icon : (Yesterday, 04:21 PM) I think glazer also said the bears were looking at harbaugh
Jetsfan0099 Icon : (Yesterday, 04:38 PM) @MMehtaNYDN 2m2 minutes ago
Sources: Charley Casserly will be 1 of 2 consultants spearheading the Jets GM/HC search (assuming Idzik is gone). #nyj
Jetsfan0099 Icon : (Yesterday, 04:38 PM) So it's 2 consultants that Woody will be leaning on once he fires Idzik.
Jetsfan0099 Icon : (Yesterday, 04:39 PM) Why would he hire these guys f he wasn't going to fire Idzik?
azjetfan Icon : (Yesterday, 04:56 PM) I am surprised Idzik is not gone already
azjetfan Icon : (Yesterday, 04:57 PM) He is as good as gone.
Jetsfan0099 Icon : (Yesterday, 08:21 PM) Nick Mangold only Jet voted to probowl
Jetsfan0099 Icon : (Yesterday, 08:21 PM) Richardson, Wilkerson, Ferguson, and Ivory are alternates
Jetsfan0099 Icon : (Yesterday, 10:33 PM) The Jets are also bringing in Ron Wolf as a consultant with Charlie Casserly.
Jetsfan0099 Icon : (Yesterday, 10:51 PM) Jets should make Scot McCloughan their next GM> Guy had a alcohol problem and that's what knocked him out, but hes a great talent evaluator and wants a second chance.
azjetfan Icon : (Yesterday, 11:54 PM) No Richardson or Wilkerson in the PB? Wow.
santana Icon : (Yesterday, 11:56 PM) I don't mind seeing the bills defense get some love
santana Icon : (Yesterday, 11:57 PM) dareus and mario williams etc
santana Icon : (Yesterday, 11:57 PM) kyle williams
azjetfan Icon : (Yesterday, 11:58 PM) I think the D Ryan plays makes it hard for some to get in.
azjetfan Icon : (Yesterday, 11:58 PM) Guys like Wilks and Rich move around alot
santana Icon : (Yesterday, 11:59 PM) media wasnt exactly praising the jets at any point either
santana Icon : (Yesterday, 11:59 PM) it was fairly negative throughout the year
azjetfan Icon : (Today, 12:00 AM) Yea. The PB is a popularity contest.
azjetfan Icon : (Today, 12:00 AM) Consideri g what the D had to do to protect that secondary it's impressive they did as well as they did.
ROBJETS Icon : (Today, 12:01 AM) You might want to re-read my post and change your comment AZ
ROBJETS Icon : (Today, 12:01 AM) All of his sucess was before the slalry cap
ROBJETS Icon : (Today, 12:01 AM) salary
santana Icon : (Today, 12:02 AM) I hope the jets sit some players this week
santana Icon : (Today, 12:03 AM) I don't want to see mangold or anyone really get injured
santana Icon : (Today, 12:03 AM) injury list is getting long
ROBJETS Icon : (Today, 12:04 AM) From 1965- 1985 the Cowboys never had a losing season. Thats the kind of impact no salary cap had for the rich teams
santana Icon : (Today, 12:06 AM) for more research see ny yankees
ROBJETS Icon : (Today, 12:15 AM) I hear you and MLB still doesnt have a salary cap. Just luxry tax
ROBJETS Icon : (Today, 12:16 AM) luxury
ROBJETS Icon : (Today, 12:41 AM) And speaking of no salary cap that`s why the Yankees are the 4th richest team in all of pro sports in the world so they can buy any player they want with no salary cap in place. The other top three richest teams are European soccer teams
santana Icon : (Today, 12:56 AM) hala madrid
Mr_Jet Icon : (Today, 12:58 AM) How many times have the Yankees won the World Series in the last 10 years? Once?
santana Icon : (Today, 01:01 AM) 07 wasnt it
santana Icon : (Today, 01:02 AM) 09
santana Icon : (Today, 01:10 AM) lack of OBJ on this probowl list
HarlemHxC814 Icon : (Today, 05:58 AM) There's a significant lack of Favre, too
HarlemHxC814 Icon : (Today, 05:59 AM) Also a lack of Raul
HarlemHxC814 Icon : (Today, 05:59 AM) HALA RAUL
Jetsfan0099 Icon : (Today, 07:38 AM) Richardson and Wilkerson are both better than Kyle Williams
ganggreen2003 Icon : (Today, 08:00 PM) So Ron Wolf is also coming on board to "consult"
ganggreen2003 Icon : (Today, 08:00 PM) At least we are getting FOOTBALL minds
ganggreen2003 Icon : (Today, 08:01 PM) and not pencil fuckin pushers
ganggreen2003 Icon : (Today, 08:01 PM) BTW f*** Christmas
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