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Lee lee lee lee lee lee lee Lee la la lee le lee leeeee
MikeGangGree... Icon : (04 June 2016 - 07:53 PM) FIRE FITZPATRICK
MikeGangGree... Icon : (04 June 2016 - 07:53 PM) That Damn dirty street thug
MikeGangGree... Icon : (05 June 2016 - 09:43 PM) In other news the NBA finals is like A NFL team Playing a college football team.
Jetsfan115 Icon : (06 June 2016 - 11:23 AM) line is in. jets are favorites for 5 games, pick for 2, and underdog for 9
MikeGangGree... Icon : (08 June 2016 - 04:56 PM) We play better as a underdog
santana Icon : (12 June 2016 - 03:54 PM) JETS JETS JETS
santana Icon : (13 June 2016 - 09:28 AM) Update on the #Jets situation with Ryan Fitzpatrick: Nothing. … Just nothing. Doesn't seem like things will change heading into minicamp.
Jetsfan115 Icon : (13 June 2016 - 10:39 AM) yeah every day i check for an update and every day, nothing
vjdbbq Icon : (14 June 2016 - 05:43 AM) Where's Rob and his ass ?
Mario Icon : (20 June 2016 - 06:21 PM) Any Jets fan in the Kansas city, Missouri area, that will be going to the game on the 25th of September?
vjdbbq Icon : (22 June 2016 - 07:29 AM) No Mario ; you will be there alone .
MikeGangGree... Icon : (25 June 2016 - 07:15 PM) FIRE FITZPATRICK
MikeGangGree... Icon : (30 June 2016 - 12:00 PM) Sheldon Richardson suspended for 1 game for violating league substance abuse policy
ganggreen2003 Icon : (15 July 2016 - 04:06 PM) The JETS shouldn't of signed wilkerson to such a big contract
ganggreen2003 Icon : (15 July 2016 - 04:07 PM) he doesn't deserve $17 mil/year cause he is coming off an injury...he should of earned it by playing this year as the Franchise tag and then if he played lights out then you open the vault
MikeGangGree... Icon : (15 July 2016 - 04:21 PM) WOOOOOOOO
RetireChrebet Icon : (15 July 2016 - 04:58 PM) How much guaranteed money? also does this mean hes here for 6 years since he's tagged? how does that work?
MikeGangGree... Icon : (15 July 2016 - 10:20 PM) Now cut that street thug Wilkerson!!
NJAzrael71 Icon : (16 July 2016 - 03:47 AM) 54 million guaranteed
NJAzrael71 Icon : (16 July 2016 - 03:48 AM) 54 guaranteed against injury but 37 in straight guaranteed money without injury
NJAzrael71 Icon : (16 July 2016 - 03:49 AM) Should've waited till after the season to see how he comes off the injury but I guess they figure he wouldn't have signed if they waited another year
vjdbbq Icon : (17 July 2016 - 07:32 PM) Where is ROB and his ass ?
Jetsfan115 Icon : (18 July 2016 - 10:27 AM) guess that means richardson is gone after this season. Maybe we can franchise and trade him
Jetsman05 Icon : (22 July 2016 - 08:52 AM) whos running fantasy football league this year? brotana?
Jetsfan115 Icon : (22 July 2016 - 10:25 AM) darron lee still isn't signed... greedy street thug lol
MikeGangGree... Icon : (22 July 2016 - 05:31 PM) Rich is under contract for next year and we used a team option for 17 already so he's a jet for 2 more year's for sure unless we trade him.
MikeGangGree... Icon : (Yesterday, 02:38 PM) We need to quit screwing around and sign Fitzpatrick
Jetsfan0099 Icon : (Today, 11:34 AM) Jets salary cap situation is tough next season, gonna have to make adjustments
Jetsfan0099 Icon : (Today, 11:35 AM) the contract for Wilkerson is actually pretty good for both sides, after the first couple seasons nothing is guaranteed and they can cut him.
Jetsfan0099 Icon : (Today, 11:36 AM) the jets probably should trade Richardson, hopefully he has a monster season and we have tons of leverage and deal him off for ransom
Jetsfan0099 Icon : (Today, 11:36 AM) Because we cannot afford to keep everyone on the DL
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  1. In Topic: If Fitz Doens't Come Back, What Are Our Options

    Posted 24 Jul 2016

    We need to stop the Drama When Fitz was signed we all said that he was terrible and that it was a bad signing. then he would compete for the job. Gene Clearly beat him out. the incident was a lesson for Geno and sitting him for the year was part of the lesson. Fitz had a great year with great assets to help him anyone can win with the team he had. Gene is clearly more talented and much younger, We are in good shape i don't think Fitzs is worth the money he wants got a ton of young talent to sign in the coming years.
  2. In Topic: Studs And Duds

    Posted 4 Feb 2016


    Bowles: Changed the Culture brought Toughness.

    Marshall: Our Beast Mode in New York, Made others want to Keep playing.

    Decker: Excellent Compliment to Marshall

    Fitz: Marshall, Decker, Ivory, Powell, Enunwa, Need I Say More.

    Enunwa: Came out of Nowhere, was a beast after Missing 4 Games

    O-Line: All of them Fitz , Ivory , Marshall, Decker, could not have the years they had had it not been for the O-Line.

    Moe: 12 Sacks, to say the Least. Just a Beast Please Resign him.

    Snacks: Unsung Hero, Defense is not what it is with out Snacks.

    Big Cat: Kid's gonna be a star in this league.

    Richardson: 4 Games out and still produced What do we do with him.

    Harris: Man in the Middle.

    Mauldin: Kid is gonna be nice.

    Pryor: Kid is showing why he was drafted so high.

    Gilchrist: Helped Pryor Develop

    Revis: Declining but still Better than most corners, still a beast.

    Skrine: Tough as nails.

    Williams (Marcus: Another come from nowhere but emerged.


    Geno: I expected him to blossom this year

    Kerly: Expected more contribution special teams, anything

    Smith, The Burner: Ran soooo Fast we never seen him on the field and when he was there he out ran the ball.

    Coples: Never really saw anything in him from the draft.

    Dee Milliner: My Grand Mother is more Durable then he was and she was 91 when she passed.

    Cro: He is Done may know the system, but he is systematically burned.

    Bobby April: Worst Special teams Coach we had in a while.

    Look forward to next year.

    42 Year jet Fan.

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