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Jets vs Bills this weekend... Is this an easy game yet?
santana Icon : (Today, 12:43 PM) i'm excited for olympiakos vs dortmund
santana Icon : (Today, 12:43 PM) ill probably wear the dortmund jersey today
santana Icon : (Today, 12:45 PM) or perhaps the real madrid in dark green :D
Jetsman05 Icon : (Today, 12:45 PM) never know with the Anfield crowd but i don't really like our chances today
Jetsman05 Icon : (Today, 12:46 PM) although they are weak in defense and keeper
santana Icon : (Today, 12:48 PM) is mignolet in?
santana Icon : (Today, 12:48 PM) hes been getting a lot of flak
santana Icon : (Today, 12:48 PM) countinho was nice vs qpr though
Jetsman05 Icon : (Today, 12:48 PM) yeah Migs is in
Jetsman05 Icon : (Today, 12:49 PM) Migs great shot stopper but awful coming off his line, awful distro and awful in the air
Jetsman05 Icon : (Today, 12:49 PM) Phil has been hit or miss all season... when he's on, he's special
santana Icon : (Today, 12:49 PM) I think i saw some breakdown that he just runs out to far and then keeps his hands way too far down
Jetsman05 Icon : (Today, 12:50 PM) Balotelli and Sterling are going to have to be incredible
Jetsman05 Icon : (Today, 12:50 PM) yeah he's really poor at coming out, timing, all of it
Jetsman05 Icon : (Today, 12:50 PM) but as a shot stopper hes incredible
santana Icon : (Today, 12:50 PM) Ramos is out i believe
santana Icon : (Today, 12:51 PM) I like varane but hes doubtful also
Jetsman05 Icon : (Today, 12:51 PM) yeah Pepe and Varane at the back for Madrid
santana Icon : (Today, 12:51 PM) ITS GONNA BE GUD 05
Jetsman05 Icon : (Today, 12:51 PM) Arbeloa(LFC former player) and Marcelo
Jetsman05 Icon : (Today, 12:51 PM) nervous
santana Icon : (Today, 12:52 PM) i gotta shower then i'm running down to the bar
Jetsman05 Icon : (Today, 12:52 PM) Ronaldo rarely performed vs us at United
Jetsman05 Icon : (Today, 12:52 PM) enjoy it
santana Icon : (Today, 12:53 PM) you would like my sanctuary here in nola
santana Icon : (Today, 12:53 PM) they put the megamix on for me on the large screen
santana Icon : (Today, 12:53 PM) then i get all the individual screens with the separate games
santana Icon : (Today, 12:54 PM) ill be around on the ipad for the TOP BANTZ 05
santana Icon : (Today, 12:54 PM) i'm the only fool there drinking on tuesday/wednesday afternoons
Jetsman05 Icon : (Today, 12:55 PM) I'd knuckle up next to ya buddy. Although I do prefer being alone for LFC haha
Jetsman05 Icon : (Today, 12:55 PM) that sounds like a solid spot
santana Icon : (Today, 01:02 PM) yeah i feel that i thought more people would make it better but during the wc it filled up with filthy casuals
santana Icon : (Today, 01:03 PM) dont touch me casual! and i ran out of there
santana Icon : (Today, 01:55 PM) http://i.imgur.com/cMQ53OF.jpg
HarlemHxC814 Icon : (Today, 03:52 PM) It's so lovely to see you two getting along
HarlemHxC814 Icon : (Today, 03:52 PM) Warms my heart
santana Icon : (Today, 04:03 PM) yeah but we both decided that we hate you
santana Icon : (Today, 04:03 PM) KILL YO SELF
HarlemHxC814 Icon : (Today, 05:58 PM) 05 loves me
HarlemHxC814 Icon : (Today, 05:58 PM) I'm delightful
Jetsman05 Icon : (Today, 05:59 PM) fact
santana Icon : (Today, 07:18 PM) Yeah well titties
santana Icon : (Today, 07:18 PM) HALA Madrid
santana Icon : (Today, 07:18 PM) Big titties at that
santana Icon : (Today, 07:20 PM) http://gfycat.com/Co...ulMessyHorsefly
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  1. Street Thugs

    Posted 22 Oct 2014

    Report: Revis sent home after being late Tuesday
    10/22/2014 3:48:56 PM
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    Darrelle Revis, playing his first season in New England following seven years with the Jets and Buccaneers, was absent from Tuesday’s practice, but not for health reasons., Ben Volin of the Boston Globe reports. According to three league sources, Revis arrived late to the Patriots facility that morning, and Belichick sent him home for the day instead of allowing him to participate in practice and meetings.

    The Patriots were off from Saturday to Monday following last Thursday’s win over the Jets, and Revis didn’t show up on time when the players reconvened at 7:30 a.m. Tuesday.

    One source close to Revis said Revis has accepted responsibility for his actions and understands that the team’s rules apply to all players.

    It is unclear how late Revis arrived to the facility. The Patriots declined comment.
  2. John Idzik's (L.) Ineptness Will End Up Costing Rex Ryan (R.) His Job.

    Posted 14 Oct 2014


    The Jets season has quickly become a barren wasteland compliments of inept roster-building by lost general manager John Idzik. Ryan, one of the best defensive minds in the game, will be gone in 11 weeks barring a gift from the football gods, but he continued to sell the idea that this GM has actually helped him this season.

    “I don’t think it’s personnel,” Ryan said Monday when asked if his team just didn’t have the horses to slow down Peyton Manning 24 hours earlier.

    Of course, it’s the personnel. It’s always been about the personnel. It always will be about the personnel as long as a guy without extensive personnel experience continues to shop for the groceries.

    “He’s the 32nd-ranked NFL GM. And it’s not even close,” a league source told The News about Idzik. “The past two years = incompetence.”

    Idzik’s two-year record is somewhere between terrible and brutal, but Ryan, still hoping to salvage his job, was in full-blown derriere-smooching mode on Monday. The Jets, heaped on the junk pile six weeks into the season, are going nowhere fast, but the head coach simply couldn’t resist doubling-down on his outrageous claim last year that Idzik’s first draft class deserved an “A-plus.”

    “That’s about as good as it gets,” said a straight-faced Ryan, clearly suffering from sleep deprivation.

    Ryan reviewed just about every player in that nightmarish draft class, including Dee Milliner (Achilles) and Brian Winters (ACL), who both suffered season-ending injuries on Sunday.

    “Dee Milliner was going to be … is going to be an outstanding player,” Ryan said. “It’s just a matter of him staying healthy.”

    Milliner reportedly had five surgeries in college: a sports hernia repair, arthroscopic procedure on the right knee, a right tibia stress fracture repair and surgeries on each shoulder. Idzik made him his first draft choice with the No. 9 pick anyway. The cornerback missed much of the offseason as a rookie rehabbing his shoulder. He missed three games with a hamstring injury last season. He missed part of this past spring with another hamstring issue then suffered a high-ankle sprain in camp that forced him to miss the rest of the preseason and the season opener.

    Milliner, who told The News in August that he was the best cornerback in the NFL, came back for one game, promptly got torched for an 80-yard touchdown and missed the next two games due to a quad strain. On Sunday, the team feared that he suffered a torn Achilles tendon during a non-contact injury rushing a field goal attempt.

    So, a player with a history of injuries in college was saddled with injuries in the NFL before suffering a season-ending injury on Sunday.

    Great scouting job by the GM.

    Ryan called Sheldon Richardson a “Pro Bowl player,” and although he’s not technically correct, it’s fair to say that Idzik got that pick right. However, he traded away perennial Pro Bowl cornerback Darrelle Revis to acquire that pick. Unless you’ve been stranded on an island with a deflated volleyball for the past couple years, you know the Jets sort of have a cornerback quandary.

    Ryan’s Monday morning comedy routine kicked into high gear when he got to Geno Smith, the second-round quarterback who ranks near or at the bottom of nearly every meaningful statistical category. “You’ve got Geno Smith, a starting quarterback in this league that I think has upside,” Ryan said amazingly without breaking a smile. “So I think that’s a great pick.”

    With great picks like that, who needs busts?

    The coach said something about Winters, who has allowed a league-high 12 quarterback hurries, according to Pro Football Focus, fifth-rounder Oday Aboushi and seventh-rounder Tommy Bohanon, but it was impossible to take him seriously by that point.

    Rex Ryan acts like a team player and defends the awful job John Idzik has done as Jets GM.
    Ryan’s admission that “this year’s class hasn’t had the pop that last year’s had” was bizarre due to the fact that Richardson is the only member of the first class to actually make a real difference. It’s too early to fairly judge S Calvin Pryor and TE Jace Amaro, the headliners of the 2014 class, but there haven’t been any game-changers among the 12 draft picks yet. Only five of the 12 are on the 53-man roster.

    Idzik, who had extremely minimal input picking players with the Seahawks, has made it clear that the draft will be a “lifeline” for the organization. Woody Johnson backed his GM recently by claiming that the Jets will only sign an “occasional” free agent to supplement the draft-based philosophy. So, Idzik left more than $21 million in the reserve to spend for his next coach in 2015.

    Ryan’s reward for squeezing eight wins out of a talent-deprived roster last year: A de facto one-year extension to make chicken salad out of less-than-desirable ingredients in 2014.

    “There’s no way that I would have thought that we would have the record we have right now at the beginning of the year,” Ryan said.

    He knew. He always knew. He was hoping to find the magic again, but it’s gone.

    Now, a proud man is clinging to the fading hope that placating the guy who was never fully invested in helping him will save his job.

    It won’t.

    glad i'm not the only one who notices how shitty izdik is
  3. Bills Give Wr Mike Williams Permission To Seek Trade

    Posted 13 Oct 2014

  4. Idzik Has A Plan Imo - Just Not One I Like

    Posted 7 Oct 2014

    So i've been thinking about this, and i do think idzik has a plan, but its a really crappy one that makes me feel like he is a weasel. so here it goes

    1) tank the season - i think this is intentional by idzik. why? well 1st off I don't see how him and rex can get along well. they are too different. But firing rex when he just comes in after rex took an undermanned team to an 8-8 record and most fans like him would be bad. So by tanking the season, he makes it easier to get rid of rex w/o backlash and can bring in his coach he wants.

    2) roll over the money, so he gets his HC, and a ton of money to spend on FAs and high draft picks.

    So basically he is purposely fucking the team over this season, so next year he can start building.
  5. Why John Idzik Deserves The Jets Hot Seat Most Of All

    Posted 7 Oct 2014

    Why John Idzik deserves the Jets hot seat most of all
    By Steve SerbyOctober 6, 2014 | 5:38pm
    Modal Trigger
    Why John Idzik deserves the Jets hot seat most of all
    General manager John Idzik has overseen the Jets debacle of 2014.
    Photo: Getty Images
    Steve Serby
    Why the NFC East is now having Odell Beckham nightmares
    It's time for JPP and the Giants to give Matt Ryan nightmares
    Why Colts backup thinks Andrew Luck is a great quarterback
    Serby's Sunday Q&A with Quintin Demps
    The great Prince sex debate rages in Giants locker room
    John Idzik is walking around with almost $24 million in cap dollars as Woody Johnson’s House burns down and crumbles to ashes.
    The plan isn’t working.
    Patient, calculated and deliberate isn’t working.
    The so-called franchise quarterback he drafted — Teflon Geno Smith — is cursing out a fan one week and missing the Saturday night team meeting the next week and performing even worse on the field.
    If there is a hot seat for Rex Ryan, there needs to be one for Idzik as well.
    Because if the Jets continue to resemble an expansion team on this runway to oblivion, a worst-team-in-football candidate, then Johnson needs to clean house and start over. Again.
    Jim Harbaugh will be a free agent after the season, but his head would implode on the sidelines in this market. But Bill Polian, who built Super Bowl teams in Buffalo and Indianapolis, needs to be on speed dial.
    Modal Trigger
    Rex Ryan
    Photo: EPA
    Ryan — who either misjudged the talent on this team or appeased Idzik by trumpeting the party line or has lost his motivational skills and defensive genius — heads into every High Noon showdown with a water pistol.
    It by no means excuses Ryan, who is is 15-22 over his last 37 games, but the horses Ryan are leading to water and can’t make them drink are too many Idzik nags.
    It was Idzik who declared the draft would be the lifeblood of his rebuilding of the Jets, but it is Idzik who has whiffed terribly on personnel.
    If Johnson considers it a victory that Idzik, a good man doing a bad job, has resisted the urge to dole out guaranteed money to a Mark Sanchez and sign a Tim Tebow, then he won’t be looking to draft a new GM after this season.
    The Jets had a golden opportunity to close the gap on the Patriots, but saw that gap closed by the Bills instead. Maybe the Dolphins as well.
    Ryan fell on the sword after the San Diego Disgrace, but you were left wondering whether Bill Belichick could make chicken salad out of this chicken …
    The blame game by no means starts and ends with Idzik, but it absolutely starts with him.
    He was a long-suffering Jets fan once, the son of former Jets’ offensive coordinator John J. Idzik, so you know he feels the pain. And likely understands why he is Public Enemy No.1 in the eyes of Jets Nation.
    In a quarterback-driven league, Idzik hasn’t supplied a franchise quarterback or a big-time No. 1 receiver or a cornerback who can cover wide receivers and intercept quarterbacks.
    Modal Trigger
    Geno Smith should be benched this week, writes Steve Serby.
    Photo: Getty Images
    Idzik’s crimes against Jets Nation:
    He was the breath of fresh air who was going to vaporize the stench of the buttfumble. He has regressed on and off the field. There should be no excuse for the leader of your team to miss a team meeting because he went to the movies, whether it is a West Coast offense (time mix-up) or not.
    “I just felt really bad, kinda felt like I let a let of people down,” Smith said Monday, “was just very apologetic in that instance.”
    Ryan should take the ball from Smith and hand it to Michael Vick to show that some semblance of accountability exists in Florham Park. He sounded more inclined to be an enabler.
    “With Geno, he’s never missed a meeting, ever, and he’s generally one of the first guys to arrive, if not THE first, and he’s right there in the front row, so I can’t miss him,” Ryan said. “I believe it’s just a one-time thing. It was just an honest mistake.”
    Does anyone think Smith was a second-round steal right now following the cursing out of a fan and then this?
    “I would say it’s uncharacteristic,” Smith said. “I’m not one of those guys that’s always in the tabloids. I’ve made some mistakes, and I’m aware of it. I’ve also caused a distraction for my teammates by doing so.”
    Ryan has a suggestion.
    “I think he needs to get back to using his legs,” Ryan said. Sure, so he can scramble back from the movie theater faster.
    Here’s what time it really is: It is time to grow up.
    He was the ninth pick of the 2013 draft, Idzik’s first draft choice, and he spends most of his time in the trainer’s room. Jets fans were sold a bill of goods the final two games of his rookie season proved that he was ready to ascend and be a shutdown corner. Yeah right. Darrelle Revis wasn’t worth $12 million to a rebuilding franchise, or the year-to-year negotiation headaches. But the panicked need to move safety Antonio Allen to corner speaks volumes.
    A fourth-round 2014 draft choice who was released. Of Idzik’s 12 draft picks this spring, only two — No. 1 Calvin Pryor and No. 2 Jace Amaro — are contributors. Pryor, who looks like a player, was the choice over cornerback Darqueze Dennard. Idzik reached in the third round for an injury-prone corner, Dexter McDougle, who is on injured reserve.
    A bustout character risk who should never have been signed as a free agent.
    A disgruntled, injury-prone journeyman who was imported as a starter, went AWOL, and never got to “Play Like A Jet.”
    Kudos for the Chris Ivory trade, but CJ2K isn’t even CJ1K with all the tread on those tires.
    Pay the man already.
    Idzik’s long-term vision conflicts with Ryan’s future-is-now reality. That was Johnson’s wish. For one season, it functioned. Now there is dysfunction. Hell, Ryan’s Ground & Pound vision is at odds with Marty Mornhinweg’s MartyBall. Smith’s failure to develop is damning commentary on Mornhinweg.
    Ryan survived a year ago. He’s Dead Coach Walking now, trapped with an immature quarterback inside a green-and-white house on fire.

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