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Jets drop another game vs Lions. Offense is bad
ganggreen2003 Icon : (Yesterday, 09:51 PM) TY KC
Chaos Icon : (Yesterday, 09:52 PM) THAT IS A BIG ASS FB
ganggreen2003 Icon : (Yesterday, 09:53 PM) if shit had gone our way we'd be 3-1 right now
ganggreen2003 Icon : (Yesterday, 09:53 PM) what a bummer
ganggreen2003 Icon : (Yesterday, 09:53 PM) :ranting3:
ganggreen2003 Icon : (Yesterday, 09:55 PM) INT TD KANSAS CITY!!!!!
ganggreen2003 Icon : (Yesterday, 09:55 PM) we need to start doing that shit
ganggreen2003 Icon : (Yesterday, 09:55 PM) our D needs to start making shit like that happen
Chaos Icon : (Yesterday, 09:57 PM) fuck that penalty
Chaos Icon : (Yesterday, 09:57 PM) "going on your knees" stupidest shit ever
Chaos Icon : (Yesterday, 09:57 PM) let them do the end zone celebrations
ganggreen2003 Icon : (Yesterday, 09:59 PM) thank you KC for slaughtering these overrated fucks
santana Icon : (Yesterday, 09:59 PM) Brady watching too much geno tape
Chaos Icon : (Yesterday, 10:00 PM) brady to the bench
santana Icon : (Yesterday, 10:00 PM) Oh god what has KC done! GARAPAPOLLO UNLEASHED
ganggreen2003 Icon : (Yesterday, 10:01 PM) I hope someone lays a Mo Lewis on Garapapolo
ganggreen2003 Icon : (Yesterday, 10:01 PM) square in the chest
ganggreen2003 Icon : (Yesterday, 10:02 PM) so brady can get his knee broken again
santana Icon : (Yesterday, 10:03 PM) I'm scared
santana Icon : (Yesterday, 10:03 PM) this kid might be legit
santana Icon : (Yesterday, 10:04 PM) IT WASNT WORTH IT
ganggreen2003 Icon : (Yesterday, 10:04 PM) cmon KC
ganggreen2003 Icon : (Yesterday, 10:04 PM) wtf
ganggreen2003 Icon : (Yesterday, 10:04 PM) f***
ganggreen2003 Icon : (Yesterday, 10:04 PM) they let the rookie just drive it on them
ganggreen2003 Icon : (Yesterday, 10:05 PM) unacceptable
ganggreen2003 Icon : (Yesterday, 10:05 PM) now KC needs a TD
santana Icon : (Yesterday, 10:06 PM) It wasn't worth it :(
ganggreen2003 Icon : (Yesterday, 10:15 PM) KC has some big ol boys
ganggreen2003 Icon : (Yesterday, 10:19 PM) TY KC for bringing these overrated fucks back down to earth
azjetfan Icon : (Yesterday, 10:22 PM) I think 03 should be a mod. I think everyone should be.
azjetfan Icon : (Yesterday, 10:23 PM) What do we have to loose?
ganggreen2003 Icon : (Yesterday, 10:34 PM) our O better get their shit together starting this Sunday
ganggreen2003 Icon : (Yesterday, 10:34 PM) we need to be on our A game when we play Denver and the CHEATriots
ganggreen2003 Icon : (Yesterday, 10:34 PM) and Buffalo doesn't scare me
ganggreen2003 Icon : (Yesterday, 10:34 PM) but these next 3 games better get it's shit together
ganggreen2003 Icon : (Yesterday, 11:01 PM) maybe Idzik knew that MEvis was not as good anymore
Jetsfan0099 Icon : (Today, 08:11 AM) Nah, fire idzik
Jetsfan0099 Icon : (Today, 08:12 AM) Milber is expected to play this week, how nice of him
Jetsfan0099 Icon : (Today, 08:14 AM) The chargers are going to be tough
Jetsfan115 Icon : (Today, 10:22 AM) well there is a silver lining to this season, tom brady sucks and so do the pats
Jetsfan0099 Icon : (Today, 11:48 AM) Jets sign John Conner back, with Bohannon injured at FB
Jetsfan0099 Icon : (Today, 11:49 AM) that is why they should consider starting Vick, they could compete for the divsion with solid QB play. Can Rex really afford to sit there waiting for things to click with Geno while he keeps throwing INTs?
Jetsfan115 Icon : (Today, 12:26 PM) i didn't even notive bohannon was hurt
Jetsfan115 Icon : (Today, 12:28 PM) vick gives us a chance to win now, geno can still learn as a backup
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  1. Suh Wants Out Of Detroit, Eyes Jets And Giants

    Posted 29 Sep 2014


    EAST RUTHERFORD – One of the league's best defensive players is preparing for an end-of-the-season divorce with his current team, the Detroit Lions, and is eyeing the Big Apple for his next move.

    Ndamukong Suh sees an end to his future in the Motor City, according to a report from ESPN, and believes that the Jets and Giants are the best fit for him. The report also mentions the Cowboys and Bears, but neither city offers the the same possibilities for building Suh's brand, which seems like his most important goal at the moment.

    For the Giants, the move would result in a second straight winter of doling out large contracts to big-ticket free agents. The team invested heavily in Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie this offseason and has a good chunk of money committed to its star players in 2015 as well. On the field, it would create a boost for second-year defensive tackle Johnathan Hankins and rookie Jay Bromley, both of whom will be expected to anchor the team's front in the coming years.

    For the Jets, it would undoubtedly create the most fearsome defensive line in football. General manager John Idzik came under fire this past offseason for not spending despite a wealth of salary cap space. This move could satisfy a restless fan base and give Rex Ryan an All-Pro defensive lineman to rotate in with Muhammad Wilkerson and Sheldon Richardson.

    Suh, the No. 2 pick in the 2010 draft, would come with a mammoth sticker price. The three-time Pro Bowler could be an instant game-changer, but is he worth the long-term financial commitment?

    make it happen izdik and i'll start calling you by your right name. having suh, richardson and wilk on the d-line would be nasty.
  2. Rob Birones Crash : New Details, Shit Is Wierd

    Posted 23 Sep 2014


    Witnesses: Bironas was driving erratically
    9/23/2014 4:24:15 PM
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    Former Titans kicker Rob Bironas was involved in two separate cases of road rage the night of his fatal SUV crash, people involved in the incidents have alleged, ESPN reports.

    In a 911 call obtained Monday by several media outlets, a woman told the dispatcher that Bironas was driving erratically just before the Saturday night crash.

    The woman said neither she nor her husband recognized the man who drove up behind them. She said he pulled his SUV up beside their vehicle and gave them a look before speeding away. The woman told the dispatcher that the man was dangerous and police needed to know something was wrong with him.

    "We let him go on past us because he was trying to run me off the road and we don't know who he was," the woman told the dispatcher.

    In additon, a Belmont University student told the Tennessean newspaper that he was in a pickup truck that Bironas attempted to hit that night. The student, Connor Fraley, was a passenger in a vehicle driving behind Bironas' SUV when he, along with three others in the truck, noticed a burning smell coming from ahead.

    "His window was down, and we pulled up and I said, 'Hey man, just a heads up, something's burning from your exhaust. Your exhaust smells horrible, just wanted to let you know,'' Fraley told the newspaper. "He looked over at me and said, 'I'm going to kill everybody in your (expletive) vehicle. It was so random, so bizarre I was like, 'What?' And he said the exact same thing again."

    Fraley said Bironas tried to follow the truck as it sped away and "he tried to sideswipe the vehicle and missed us by a foot."

    "It was a fight or flight situation and, unfortunately, we had to take flight at about 110 mph," he told the newspaper. "It was very scary."

    The Tennessean also reported Monday night that Bironas' wife reported him missing to police Saturday night.

    A Metro Nashville Police spokesman says the accident investigation is ongoing. An autopsy was performed.

    head injuries? drugs? depression? Wonder what caused it?
  3. Breakdown On What Happened On The Timeout

    Posted 16 Sep 2014


    FLORHAM PARK – As usual for the day after games, the Jets on Monday reviewed the film from Sunday’s 31-24 loss at Green Bay. There were some plays in the game that coach Rex Ryan would rather forgot – none more so than a play that wasn’t an official play at all. Yet Ryan still watched the tying touchdown that wasn’t on Monday.

    He said it was not a pleasant experience for him, just as it was rather brutal in real time. The Jets had fourth-and-4 at the Packers’ 36-yard line with 5:06 remaining. Geno Smith connected with a leaping Jeremy Kerley in the end zone, but the score was wiped out because the Jets called timeout just before the snap.

    Offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg on Monday accepted full blame for saying on the sideline that he wanted a timeout, and then taking it back. Defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson tried to help Mornhinweg, after hearing his initial timeout request, by alerting line judge Byron Boston that the Jets wanted a timeout – even though, by this point, Mornhinweg had decided that the formation was fine and he didn’t need a timeout.

    “It’s a play you feel good about,” Ryan said of how he felt re-watching the touchdown. “Obviously, it’s your No. 1 play in that situation. That’s why you call it. It works the way we want it to work, and unfortunately, it was blown dead.”

    Ryan addressed the timeout in greater detail Monday than he did Sunday. Like Mornhinweg, Ryan did not want to blame Richardson for speaking up.

    “I’m not going to get into everything that was said specifically on the sideline,” Ryan said. “But I think to Sheldon’s credit – to everybody’s, really – we just want to win. I think you’re caught up in it, and if you think you can help, you react like that. You’re caught up in the moment. It is a thing where I make the (timeout) call in that situation. Sometimes, you do need help.”

    The reason Mornhinweg initially wanted the timeout was because running back Bilal Powell was not aligned correctly. As the Jets got lined up in a shotgun formation, Powell stood to Smith’s right. Smith redirected Powell to his left. Just before the snap, Smith sent Powell back to his right. Smith called for the snap and Powell ran a route into the right flat.

    In the image below, you can see Smith turning to Powell, getting his attention, and pointing left, to where Powell was supposed to line up. Or so it seems. The arrow in the image points to where Mornhinweg is.

    Then you can see, below, how Powell has moved to Smith’s left.

    But here’s the thing: It’s hard to notice in this image below, but Mornhinweg does not signal for timeout (at the very top of the screen) until he sees that Powell is lined up to Smith’s left. Apparently, Powell was not supposed to be on Smith’s left – the very direction where Smith sent him as the Jets lined up.

    It is not until Smith sends Powell back to the right – where Powell lined up in the first place – that Mornhinweg waves his arms to signal that he does not want a timeout.

    Mornhinweg mentioned the fact that Smith got the formation fixed. It seems, based on Mornhinweg’s reactions, that Smith did this after perhaps initially directing Powell to the wrong area, which led to Mornhinweg’s timeout request. It is unclear if Smith made a mistake to begin the play, but based on how Mornhinweg responded, it is plausible.

    Or, it is possible that Powell was supposed to line up on Smith’s left, and then the Packers’ defensive formation showed something that necessitated Powell moving to the right – a standard pre-snap adjustment. Smith wound up getting Powell back to the right side anyway, but you can understand Mornhinweg’s concern upon seeing a formation that had Powell on the wrong side, however briefly, and for whatever reason.

    The timing of the whole situation was rather insane. At the same moment as Mornhinweg waved his hands to call off the timeout, Richardson leaned forward and asked Boston for the timeout. The two things happened simultaneously. So Richardson never saw Mornhinweg cancelling his timeout request. Then Boston waved his hands above his head, to signal timeout, just as the ball was snapped.

    If Richardson had waited just a split second longer, or if Mornhinweg had changed his mind a split second earlier, the Jets’ touchdown probably would have counted. Mornhinweg initially signaled for the timeout with seven seconds left on the play clock, and continued to signal until five seconds remained on the play clock. At that point, he tried to call off his intentions to signal for timeout. But it was too late.

    Ryan recalled a similar situation that he encountered in 2007, when he was Baltimore’s defensive coordinator and the Ravens were playing the Patriots. The Ravens stuffed Tom Brady on a fourth-and-1 quarterback sneak, but Ryan had called timeout just before the snap. On the next snap, the Ravens stopped the Patriots again, but New England right guard Russ Hochstein false started before the play, so the Patriots got another shot.

    The Patriots converted the ensuing fourth-and-6 play, from Baltimore’s 35-yard line, with 1:48 remaining. New England went on to score a touchdown on that drive, to take a 27-24 lead. The Patriots won by that score. As Ryan pointed out specific memories of his ill-fated timeout Monday, he mentioned that Hochstein jumped.

    “Not that I still remember,” Ryan said sarcastically.

    Moments like these can stick with players and coaches forever.

    Here’s what Ryan will recall about Sunday’s timeout: “On that particular play, the back is not lined up right. It’s a fourth down. It’s a big play. We want to make sure it’s right. By the time I looked over at Marty, I never saw Marty initially, but he’s coming down (the sideline) and Sheldon apparently sees the timeout, and as he sees it, that’s why he runs up and says timeout to the (line judge). When I see Marty, he’s like this (waving his arms to call off the timeout) and he’s watching the play. I don’t say timeout. I hear Sheldon yell timeout, but I don’t say a word.”

    When Boston blew his whistle, Ryan initially thought the timeout was called on the field, by one of the Jets’ players. It is not uncommon for players on the sideline to talk amongst themselves about the need for a timeout, Ryan said. This is something Ryan does not like, because of the possibility that an official could interpret the players’ words as a coach requesting timeout.

    That is sort of what happened Sunday, even though Richardson went directly to the official and asked for a timeout, rather than conversing about the possibility of a timeout with his teammates – which probably would have been unlikelier to result in the line judge blowing his whistle.

    Ryan was asked if, in the future, he would specifically tell his players that they cannot shout for a timeout at all from the sideline.

    “It’s easy to say and maybe that’s one of those things you learn from,” Ryan said. “I think it’s just a heat of the moment type deal that got called. There are times when people are yelling all the time. That’s not the first time I’ve heard somebody yell ‘timeout,’ because it happens. Some guy is like, ‘Hey, we want a timeout.’ You don’t call timeout. There are several times (where) I’m like, ‘No, don’t call timeout. You don’t say timeout.’ But that happens more than you think.”

    Mornhinweg was about 5 yards away from Ryan during these frantic moments. Ryan indicated that a coordinator and head coach standing in close proximity to each other might help avoid situations like this. Ryan did not say if he thought he and Mornhinweg should have been closer on the fourth-and-4 play.

    When Mornhinweg wanted the timeout, at first, he approach Ryan on the sideline, to alert Ryan to call timeout. But Ryan didn’t recognize that Mornhinweg was trying to get his attention because Ryan was communicating with the Jets’ defensive assistants on his radio headset. Mornhinweg said that by the time Ryan spotted him, the problem was fixed and Mornhinweg no longer needed the timeout.

    As for why Ryan was on a defensive headset in this situation, he said he had already spoken to Mornhinweg about the fourth-and-4 play call. Now, Ryan, who calls the Jets’ defensive plays, was trying to prepare for the possibility that the Jets would not convert the fourth down, he said. Usually in late-game offensive situations like this, Ryan remains on the offensive headset, but because it was fourth down, he had to think ahead.

    “I’m on a defensive head set, talking about preparation in case we don’t make the first down,” Ryan said.

    If Ryan had heard Mornhinweg’s initial timeout request, he might have alerted the official before the play began, even though Smith was already in the process of correcting Powell’s alignment.

    If this scenario had played out, with Ryan calling the timeout, the play would have been nothing more than a simple timeout before a critical fourth-and-4. And if Richardson had waited to speak up, or Mornhinweg had cancelled his timeout request quicker, the touchdown might have counted.

    If any of these things had happened, the Jets would not be wondering, after this torturous loss: What if?
  4. Thoughts On The Jets Gb Game

    Posted 15 Sep 2014

    I'll start off by saying, GB is a much much better team then us, they are a SB contender, were a team that might squeeze into the playoffs with some luck at best. So going into the game, I didn't expect much.

    With that said, the jets do what they manage to do to fans all the time. And that is get out hopes up and squash them. Now mind if you GB had man handled us form the start, I'd understand. But we jump out to a 21-3 lead in the 1st. Geno looked sharp with 2 TDs (1 passing 1 rushing) making good decisions, using his legs, perfect thrown ball to decker for the TD. we were rolling. I like how marty didn't abondon the offense and try and play it safe either. But then it went wrong. geno threw a pick because he was hit while throwing and never recovered. Our D which held them in check, got gashed. our Cbs weren't good enough and the pressure couldn't get there with rodgers quick throws, nelson is too good and gashed us for 200+ yards. cobb also added 2 TDs. we held lacy in check all game easily. OUr issues at CB are very apprent and teams will exploit this. I'm not even mad at this, its the way we gave it away. Dumb penalties, wilk getting thrown out, the TO that shouldn't have been called that negated a highlight reel catch form kerly for the tie. All the wasted effort. It just seemed as we did everything to lose the game. I just feel liek why does all the stupid shit happen to us? the timeout situation was terrible. not to mention all the burned time outs. rex had 2 good challenges that both went our way, the officiating was bad on the spot but their reviews were at least good. We need to stop killing ourselves. Its easy to blame rex, but this has been a problem long before rex was here.
  5. Izdik Strikes Again (Rookie Jets Wr Quincy Enunwa Arrested)

    Posted 3 Sep 2014


    Rookie Jets WR Quincy Enunwa arrested this past weekend
    9/3/2014 2:43:54 PM
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    Police confirmed in a statement that Jets practice team receiver Quincy Enunwa was charged with simple assault after an alleged altercation at a Florham Park hotel, A.J. Perez of the Newark Star-Ledger reports.

    Police responded to the Wyndham Hamilton Park Hotel at 7:19 pm on Sunday after Enunwa and somebody else staying at the hotel got into a fight, according to a Florham Park PD news release. Enunwa, 22, was transported to the Florham Park police station, where he was booked and released.

    Neither Enunwa nor Jets coach Rex Ryan had much to say when asked about the arrest at the team's practice facility on Wednesday.

    "It's easy to get upset, but it's a pending legal matter," Enunwa said. "I'm going to let everything (play out) and I'll talk about it afterwards."

    Ryan said he was "aware of the situation."

    "It's a pending legal matter so I'm not going to comment on it," Ryan added.

    yup keep 7 WRs including this guy but cut hill. So now goodson, patterson, and Enuwa. All shitty choices by izdik

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