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Jets 0-2 vs bills this year. Does Rex Ryan survive the year?
santana Icon : (Yesterday, 04:39 PM) what
santana Icon : (Yesterday, 04:39 PM) I thought I just read that liverpool is sticking with him
Jetsman05 Icon : (Yesterday, 04:41 PM) they will, atleast until january... but if we do not get a result tomorrow, it'll go down hill even faster
Jetsman05 Icon : (Yesterday, 04:41 PM) he won't survive the season if he doesnt figure it out
santana Icon : (Yesterday, 04:42 PM) moyes to liverpool confirmed!
santana Icon : (Yesterday, 04:43 PM) bayern two bad passes one bad tackle today punished by aguero
santana Icon : (Yesterday, 04:43 PM) otherwise city looked rather crapola
Jetsman05 Icon : (Yesterday, 04:47 PM) moyesy coaching in your favorite league now
santana Icon : (Yesterday, 04:50 PM) yeah i saw that he was at real sociedad
santana Icon : (Yesterday, 04:51 PM) http://gfycat.com/MilkyMajesticDingo
santana Icon : (Yesterday, 04:52 PM) also very casual
santana Icon : (Yesterday, 04:52 PM) boca represent
santana Icon : (Yesterday, 05:13 PM) http://gfycat.com/Of...ingAmazonparrot
santana Icon : (Yesterday, 05:13 PM) that is the most raul goal i have ever seen
azjetfan Icon : (Yesterday, 06:29 PM) What's our wish list for HC next year?
santana Icon : (Yesterday, 06:37 PM) BILL LAZOR
azjetfan Icon : (Yesterday, 07:41 PM) Why?
santana Icon : (Yesterday, 08:09 PM) he worked with chip kelly and vick on the eagles. and has a cool name
azjetfan Icon : (Yesterday, 08:41 PM) Eh
MikeGangGree... Icon : (Yesterday, 10:37 PM) SUCK FOR TEH DUCK
ganggreen2003 Icon : (Yesterday, 10:50 PM) The JETS really sucked a fat one last night
ganggreen2003 Icon : (Yesterday, 11:34 PM) Man the JETS are a 3 ring circus or American Horror Story: FREAK SHOW!!!!
Jetsfan0099 Icon : (Today, 08:45 AM) Jets starting Geno again.
Jetsfan0099 Icon : (Today, 08:45 AM) FIRE IDZIK,
Jetsfan0099 Icon : (Today, 08:45 AM) I really hope the JEts completely clean house this offseason and get rid of everyone, it's time.
Jetsfan0099 Icon : (Today, 08:54 AM) We need to keep getting embarrassed every week to ensure that. That is why I don't give a shit about getting destroyed, it makes the team look like more of a joke and forces Woody to make real changes
Jetsfan0099 Icon : (Today, 08:55 AM) Like how do you get blown out by a team that didn't practice while you had 2 weeks to prepare?
Jetsfan0099 Icon : (Today, 08:55 AM) That kind of stuff may force Woody to make the big changes and fire everyone
Jetsfan0099 Icon : (Today, 08:55 AM) John Idzik has handled the QB situation terribly. 2 times he pretty much handed the job to his draft pick
Jetsfan0099 Icon : (Today, 08:56 AM) Besides Sheldon Richardson, his drafts have been awful.
Jetsfan0099 Icon : (Today, 08:57 AM) Maybe Woody will clean house and go all out for Jim Harbaugh, that probably won't happen though but it would be a franchise changer.
HarlemHxC814 Icon : (Today, 10:07 AM) Harbaugh would be amazing...but because it makes sense it won't be done
HarlemHxC814 Icon : (Today, 10:51 AM) According to Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News, the Jets blocked coach Rex Ryan from talking to Mehta about a bye-week visit to his ailing father, legendary NFL defensive guru Buddy Ryan. Buddy, who rose to prominence as defensive coordinator of the ’85 Bears and then coached the Eagles and Cardinals, is battling cancer.
HarlemHxC814 Icon : (Today, 10:52 AM) Mehta interprets the muzzling of Rex Ryan as proof positive that, once the season ends, Ryan will no longer be the team’s head coach. Apparently, the team fears that Rex would become more sympathetic in the eyes of the fan base if he’s dumped by the team at a time when his father is fighting a serious illness.
santana Icon : (Today, 11:05 AM) Mehta is an idiot
santana Icon : (Today, 11:25 AM) If colt McCoy lights it up do the jets make a move?
HarlemHxC814 Icon : (Today, 11:27 AM) I don't even care what they do for a while
HarlemHxC814 Icon : (Today, 11:28 AM) The team is a catastrophe
santana Icon : (Today, 11:29 AM) I didn't see the game
santana Icon : (Today, 11:29 AM) I remember the first bills game though I'm guessing it was like that with more sleeping in the end zone
HarlemHxC814 Icon : (Today, 11:32 AM) I'm with 0099...I hope they keep getting destroyed
Chaos Icon : (Today, 11:33 AM) it's a very Jets-esque move to sign McCoy if he does well
HarlemHxC814 Icon : (Today, 11:53 AM) I think they sign RGIII, Cutler, or Bradford
santana Icon : (Today, 12:10 PM) why not all three
HarlemHxC814 Icon : (Today, 12:11 PM) Knowing this team, I wouldn't put that past them
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  1. In Topic: Fixing The Jets (Won't Happen In One Season)

    Posted 25 Nov 2014

    View PostJetsfan115, on 25 November 2014 - 07:00 PM, said:

    For the most part the best QBs are the ones who learn before starting. outside of a choice few. Throwing a rookie into the fire is sometimes too much for them to handle and could ruin a promising career.

    That`s just your opinion.Not a fact. Try doing some research. Most of the teams have franchise qb`s.

    Looking at all the teams with CURRENT franchise qbs(yes I actually took the time and did the research like usual)....most of them started from day one or just a few games into their rookie season.The rest around half way into their rookie season.

    Very few started later.Injuries took a few out the first year after starting day one.

    Rodgers came in later only because of Favre retiring every year then coming back.Until they kicked him out.

    Brady and Romo are the exceptions because of their low draft picks. Brady came in the second season when Bledsoe got injured like in game two. And Romo sat for years.

    So from the averages of current NFL franchise qb`s the good qb`s started day one or didn't sit long.

    My point is the Jets need to hire some actual scouts that knows wtf they are are doing and draft a qb that is actually NFL ready or has the skills to learn while playing and can start from day one or a couple games into their rookie year and actually be a franchise qb. F*ck this sitting and learning logic.

  2. In Topic: Winless For Winston.

    Posted 20 Nov 2014

    View PostHurricaneJet32, on 17 November 2014 - 12:22 AM, said:

    Favre and Marino were "drug addicts."

    I'm not saying Winston won't be a f***-up, just saying you never know the whole story or how someone can change.

    View Postgreenandwhite4life, on 18 November 2014 - 01:24 PM, said:

    Favre and Marino though didn't suffer the scrutiny that goes on with players today... Plus they didn't have the type of allegations that Winston has such as raping a girl, saying "f*** her right in the pussy" to a student run tv show, and also playing it all off terribly. This guy is bad BAD news. I wouldn't want this guy even if he is good, which I honestly think he won't be. Reminds me exactly of Ryan Leaf.

    Didn't Rapelesburger get away with two different rapes? And yet women still wear his jersey because he is good at football just because he got away with it because it was his word against the woman's both times.Once might be coincidence but being accused of rape twice convinces me that he is one.

    And yet women get scrutinized for wearing Ray Rice jersey`s. No telling what led up to the event in Rice`s situation. I never hit my wife but sure felt like it a few times as mouthy as she gets and getting in my face screaming at me. Especially when she was drinking(mean drunk woman).

    Either way I held my composure punched the wall a couple times then had to fix the holes later.

    Both are bad and very wrong but a rapist is way worse than someone beating their spouse. Sometimes one of the parties is just violence and is fully at fault but usually in spousal abuse situations there is some degree of fault from both parties. Rape is a whole different level.
  3. In Topic: Dea Surprise Investigations

    Posted 17 Nov 2014

    This shouldnt surprise you at all there is a reason they only play 16 games in the NFL and why they are trying to change the way the game is played. We all love hard hits and all.....the old style NFL but from a stand point of a fan of the players most of the NFL players in hard hitting positions dont live a long life. Not to mention all the brain damage.

    Not sure if you remember that article we read about Jason Taylor of the Dolphins of how much pain he was in and had to sleep standing up. Most of these players in hard hitting positions suffer from severe pain the rest of their lives post NFL. So them popping pain pills shouldn't surprise anyone.

    Also the older you get the more arthritic you get from old injuries.
  4. In Topic: Who's The Worse Team In New York???

    Posted 17 Nov 2014

    You need to be more clear......this year or as a career franchise? I picked the Mets
  5. In Topic: Vick And Geno

    Posted 16 Nov 2014

    Ok you guys have some valid points but I do remember some talent from Geno but as A1 said we will never know for sure unless he has an all pro or all madden team around him so with what we have seen out of Geno I can agree with what he does that he has sucked. I still think he would be a lot better if we didnt have one of the worst offensive lines in the NFL. I keep track of offense line stats each week like ive posted before and it does kind of prove my point. Rg3 and Kaepernick sucked today again because of their bad offensive lines. The 49rs won but it took the defense to win the game with 5 interceptions on Eli. If not for that the Giants would've won.

    Kaepernick and RG3 can not play in the pocket.....well I take that back....maybe they could if they had good offensive lines.

    Kaepernick is better than Rg3 by miles in the pocket if he has a good offensive line. RG3 isn't even with a good offensive line. As I stated earlier in the thread both RG3 and Kaepernick are similar to Romo`s style of play.

    Obviously Romo cant run the ball down the field making plays on his feet like RG3 and Kaepernick but all three of these qb`s are much better stats completing passes and explosive passes when they can scramble in the backfield with protection to complete the pass.

    Its been stated for years that when Romo is stuck in the pocket his numbers are usually bad.Romo is getting better protection so he is able to scramble outside the pocket to complete his passes

    RG3 and Kaepernick have terrible offensive lines so they aren't getting protection they need to scramble in the backfield outside the pocket to complete the passes.

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