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MikeGangGree... Icon : (Yesterday, 07:22 PM) How many starters are back from last year?
ROBJETS Icon : (Yesterday, 07:23 PM) They had to let defensive players go too. And that's why they refused to pay Chancellor. They don't have the money
MikeGangGree... Icon : (Yesterday, 07:24 PM) Most of the Defense is back from last season.. who besides the 2nd CB do they not have?
ROBJETS Icon : (Yesterday, 07:24 PM) I don't know how many starters. I didn't look through the whole active roster from last year to this year. But I know they let a good many starters go too
MikeGangGree... Icon : (Yesterday, 07:25 PM) Anyway we need them to win
MikeGangGree... Icon : (Yesterday, 07:26 PM) it puts us in a 4 way tie for the WC
MikeGangGree... Icon : (Yesterday, 07:26 PM) Maybe Hou can win the division
ROBJETS Icon : (Yesterday, 07:26 PM) They had to let a corner and safety go from the defense and some dline from the starting line up. And some players on the online too
ROBJETS Icon : (Yesterday, 07:27 PM) That's why Russel isn't getting protection and Lynch is having a down year
ROBJETS Icon : (Yesterday, 07:28 PM) Yeah but you need to chr
ROBJETS Icon : (Yesterday, 07:29 PM) check my list of tiebreakers we are down in division and conference games. If the Jets don't beat the Bills and win most of the conference games no playoffs
ROBJETS Icon : (Yesterday, 07:31 PM) Plus we are down in schedule strength to everyone in the hunt for the playoffs except Houston but they have the win and tiebreaker against the Jets
ROBJETS Icon : (Yesterday, 07:32 PM) Oh and also the Bills are below us in schedule strength but have a win against us so have tiebreaker for now
ROBJETS Icon : (Yesterday, 07:33 PM) Chiefs have the easy schedule in the league got the rest of the season so chances of them not getting in are slim
ROBJETS Icon : (Yesterday, 07:35 PM) Chiefs and Stelers are in the drivers seat
MikeGangGree... Icon : (Yesterday, 07:36 PM) Right but there is a lot of games to go still
MikeGangGree... Icon : (Yesterday, 07:36 PM) who knows maybe we beat Tenn NYG Dal and Buf
MikeGangGree... Icon : (Yesterday, 07:36 PM) 10-6?? Maybe
MikeGangGree... Icon : (Yesterday, 07:36 PM) 1 game at a time I agree
MikeGangGree... Icon : (Yesterday, 07:36 PM) KC and Oakland have to play each other twice
MikeGangGree... Icon : (Yesterday, 07:38 PM) Pitt Still has to play Cinn and Denver
MikeGangGree... Icon : (Yesterday, 07:39 PM) Who they may beat.
MikeGangGree... Icon : (Yesterday, 07:41 PM) We just need Sea to win
MikeGangGree... Icon : (Yesterday, 07:41 PM) Game over
MikeGangGree... Icon : (Yesterday, 07:41 PM) Hawks win
MikeGangGree... Icon : (Yesterday, 07:42 PM) Well if they make the PAT
MikeGangGree... Icon : (Yesterday, 07:42 PM) My bad I thought Pitt had 0 timeouts left
ROBJETS Icon : (Yesterday, 07:46 PM) I don't trust Denver against any good team with their backup qb in. I except the Chiefs to overtake the division. They really don't trust him either since an injured Manning is the #2 qb. He barely won last week
MikeGangGree... Icon : (Yesterday, 07:47 PM) Ben is hurt now
MikeGangGree... Icon : (Yesterday, 07:47 PM) Don't think its anything big tho
ROBJETS Icon : (Yesterday, 07:48 PM) But Steelers losing today and if they lose against the Bengals would help
MikeGangGree... Icon : (Yesterday, 07:55 PM) Ben has a possible concussion
MikeGangGree... Icon : (Yesterday, 08:08 PM) And Pitt plays Indy next week
MikeGangGree... Icon : (Yesterday, 08:09 PM) If Pittsburgh lose it help if indy lose Houston might be in 1st and have a tie breaker over indy
MikeGangGree... Icon : (Yesterday, 08:16 PM) I just can't wait for Sunday. Me and my brother are going to the game. He's a giants fan. So somebody is going home mad
MikeGangGree... Icon : (Yesterday, 10:46 PM) Where is frosty??.and his MIGHTY DOLPHINS
MikeGangGree... Icon : (Yesterday, 10:58 PM) Marshall is 70 yards away from being our 1st 1000 yard receiver since cotch in 07
MikeGangGree... Icon : (Today, 12:03 AM) f*** new England!! And gronk is hurt
ROBJETS Icon : (Today, 12:04 AM) Nice to see the Pats won't have an undefeated season. That said the wheat her made the difference. Brady is accurate as heck and the snow affected the pass timing with the wr's
ROBJETS Icon : (Today, 12:06 AM) Without the snow I couldn't see the Broncos winning that game. But again great to see the Pats chance at a perfect season go down the tubes
Jetsfan0099 Icon : (Today, 02:21 PM) Brandon Marshall is the best WR I've seen on the Jets
Jetsfan0099 Icon : (Today, 02:23 PM) How bad is Marcus Williams injury?
Jetsfan0099 Icon : (Today, 02:23 PM) I like how this guy has 5 INTs in limited playing time, he reminds me of Asante Samuel
Mr_Jet Icon : (Today, 04:14 PM) After both losses to the Jets this year Miami fired some coaches. LOL
azjetfan Icon : (Today, 05:05 PM) Jets = Coach killers
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  1. In Topic: Playoff Chances

    Posted 26 Nov 2015

    View PostJetsfan115, on 24 November 2015 - 07:29 PM, said:

    Right now i'd put our chances at 50/50 technically we still control our destiny since we are tied for the 6 spot with the bills and chiefs and we still get to play the bills. we should be rooting for SD to pull off upsets and beat KC, Oak, Mia, and jax. if SD can win these games it would help us big time

    Right now Id say you are dead wrong in thinking the Jets control their own destiny or even 50-50. Far from it.more like 90-10 against the Jets making it The Jets need a a lot of help and absolutely do not control their own destiny.The only chance the Jets have of making the playoffs as a wild card at this point is if they run the table and have a better record or if the other teams implode.

    You are right in saying the Jets lose the tie breaker against the Texans, Raiders, and Right now the Bills.But are wrong everywhere else and you aren't taking in a lot of factors. You need to look at at the strength of schedule which the NFL goes by when the schedules are posted from the prior season not after the season current season is over, next you aren't taking into consideration the Jets are behind MOST teams in question for wild card spots in division wins and conference wins which are all part of the playoff factor.

    Jets pretty much lose out to all the teams schedule strength wise except for the Texans and Bills who have the win tie breaker over the Jets.

    schedule strength

    The Jets need teams to lose a lot of games in the divisions and conference to even have a chance and the Jets absolutely have to win every game in the division except maybe to NE.

    Another big glaring factor you are missing is The Broncos,Chiefs, Bengals, and Steelers. For one The Steelers are a much better team with Ben under center and with Manning out and playing poorly when he is in (except one game after the bye week) and the Broncos backup nearly lost to Detroit from being so green. If NE doesn't destroy him and even Manning if he comes in the game I will be amazed. Both the Chiefs and the Steelers have a very real chance of taking and winning their divisions now. If that happens The Jets are absolutely out pretty much out of the playoffs unless they get lucky and have better records because of current conference and division records the Jets are absolutely on the outside looking in of almost every team contending for a wild card spot.

    Playoffs this year for the Jets are a huge long shot at this point. This isn't an opinion its a statistical fact looking at the conference and division records and strength of schedules. Odds are its going to be the Broncs or Chiefs and Bengals are Steelers. They have around an 80% probability of making it in right now. The Chiefs destroyed the Broncos in the last game so the only real chance I see of them not getting in as the wild card or winning the division is if the Raiders beat them both games.


    If, at the end of the regular season, two or more clubs in the same division finish with identical won-lost-tied percentages, the following steps will be taken until a champion is determined.
    Two Clubs

    Head-to-head (best won-lost-tied percentage in games between the clubs).
    Best won-lost-tied percentage in games played within the division.
    Best won-lost-tied percentage in common games.
    Best won-lost-tied percentage in games played within the conference.
    Strength of victory.
    Strength of schedule.
    Best combined ranking among conference teams in points scored and points allowed.
    Best combined ranking among all teams in points scored and points allowed.
    Best net points in common games.
    Best net points in all games.
    Best net touchdowns in all games.
    Coin toss


    If it is necessary to break ties to determine the two Wild-Card clubs from each conference, the following steps will be taken.

    If the tied clubs are from the same division, apply division tie breaker.
    If the tied clubs are from different divisions, apply the following steps.

    Two Clubs

    Head-to-head, if applicable.
    Best won-lost-tied percentage in games played within the conference.
    Best won-lost-tied percentage in common games, minimum of four.
    Strength of victory.
    Strength of schedule.
    Best combined ranking among conference teams in points scored and points allowed.
    Best combined ranking among all teams in points scored and points allowed.
    Best net points in conference games.
    Best net points in all games.
    Best net touchdowns in all games.
    Coin toss.
  2. In Topic: Weight Lifting, Body Buliding,supps And Nutrition Discussion

    Posted 23 Nov 2015

    Just noticed this thread. I'm pretty much an expert at living healthy and exercise. 100`s of books and fitness magazines on nutrition, lifting and nutrition, and belong to several weightlifting forums. have 30`s years of experience of living the life and still study today. I only say I'm an expert because i live the life and believe in it fully and still study nutrition all the time because I want to live a long healthy life with little to no medical problems in old age and still be fit. It does work and its not easy at first.

    I'm 45 and my cousin is 43 and we both live the same lifestyle. No one else we know in our age group in our city that we know well live unhealthy lives and 100% of them have some type of medical problems some have even died in their 30`s and 40`s because of their unhealthy lifestyles. All the ones that died...accept from car accidents that we know dies of heart attacks. My cousin and I have no health problems just injuries from sports and I have spinal cord damage from a doctor screw up from a failed back surgery. Other than that we are as healthy physically meaning heart heart rate, blood pressure, fat levels etc. as we were in our prime 20`s.

    The single most important thing you can ever do in your life to lose weight and greatly increase your chances of having little to no health problems for almost your entire life is study proper nutrition vigorously. You can go to see a nutritionist to start if you want but it will usually cost you unless you have great insurance and learn proper nutrition to actually eat right. Not half ass. meaning learn actual proper nutrition and living it basically 99% of your life its ok to eat junk once in a while but most people that get into nutrition do zero studying and start buying store bought junk food that says low or no sugar or low fat or no fat. The fact is all that crap is still bad for you.

    Proper nutrition cant be learned in stores or from people who think they know nutrition but never study it constantly. I can promise you those people aren't eating healthy even if they look fit.Even if they look fit if they eat like crap, smoke, etc. health problems will catch up to them usually betweem their late 30`to early 50`s

    Exercise is important but its secondary to nutrition by miles. If you eat properly and never exercise your body will still be very healthy.

    If you want to be healthy as possible in old age cardio workouts are far more important than any other types of exercise.

    The most important exercises are those that strengthen the heart, stomach and back muscles, and the brain. Brain exercises are important because after the age of 25 you stop growing and you will notice within the next 10-15 years significant memory loss and forgetting things you learned if you dont keep your mind active. The heart for over all body health. The stomach and back is very important because there are very few lower back muscles so a strong fit stomach is needed to strengthen the lower back. basically 5-0%-60% of people develop back problems.

    The stomach is the only muscle in the body that you can exercise 7 days a week without a day of rest in between so you ahould always incorporate stomach execise into every exercise routine. All other muscles require a day of rest to heal or you can damage them.

    I'm friends with John Decola. He lives in my town and was Mr. America in 1969 when was Mr. Universe. He still works out today and just quit body building competetitions around 8 years ago. Absolutely amazing shape for a man in his 70`s. We used to work out in the same gym and he still works out today and you Cant exercise much anymore from my spinal cord injury but I still keep up on nutrition. Saw him last in late 2014 at The American Legion.

    To clear on exercising....

    There is no specific workout regime for everyone. It all depends on what you are looking to achieve. No matter what you are looking for dedication and not slacking off is the main key.

    Exercise routines depend on what you are trying to become. Just losing weight, becoming partially fit like an average healthy person, strength conditioning, power weight lifting,body building, becoming athletic, or a hardcore complete pure athlete with a tremendous amount of seemingly unending strength and cardio.

    I'm for the last one...a complete athlete but am now mostly stuck with nutrition with very little exercise and weight lifting because it cause me tremendous spinal cord pain if I go overboard that can last for day to months depending on how bad I over due things.

    If you want real advice you wont get it at most gyms. Most of the trainers at average gyms dont know much at all but they will try to convince you otherwise. You are better off joining body building forums and ask questions.

    Proper lifting is and absolute must meaning technique. You cant just throw up the weights ups without proper technique. Squats and curls are a big example. When you squat you should never bend your back at all and always wear a back brace when squatting anything but very light weight. if you are new to squatting always wear a back brace. When doing curls your entire body should remain completely still. if you are using your back when curling or throwing up the weights like with biceps curls its wrong technique When doing biceps or triceps curls only your elbows to your hands should ever b moving never your upper arms.

    Also its best to learn the differences of incorporating very light weight high reps, light weights going down in weight with each set(sometimes referred to as speed lifting for cardio) regular lifting, and power lifting days. Also its best to learn what body parts should be worked out together in a workout to get the maximum out of it.

    First before every workout you should always stretch a lot to prevent injury and always do at least one set of very light weight to loosen up your muscles. helps prevent injury

    I have always found from professional body builders and legitimate strength and conditioning trainers that if you are weight lifting doing squats in the same workout as bench presses with squats being before benching will get the most out of the workout. Squats take a lot of energy out of your body so by the time you get to benching you will only be able to bench-press maybe 60%-70% of your normal maximum bench press weight but squats are one of the most core body building exercising for strength so benching afterwards even though you may be benching less weight you will increase your bench press strength. I could go on and on but this is more than a very long read and write. Sorry so long. the thread was made so I offered the best information and advice I could make.

    I could go on about nutrition too but that is a huge topic. The best thing with nutrition is to give up on all fast food, candy, sugar, junk foods, fruit juices except for orange juice, drink skim milk, purified water, and green tea for the most part. Fruit juices are generally bad for you. Being a fruitarian is extremely bad. Eating fruits is ok but dont go overboard. Fruits are full of sugar and sugar(carbs) is the main thing, along with sodium, and saturated fats you want to get rid of out of your diet.

    Basically if you really want to learn nutrition and exercises read read read on nutrition and exercise and weightlifting sites. Taking advice from people not very schooled is not the best method to get the most out of your routines. And I'm not saying anyone giving advice here doesn't know proper lifting and nutrition. I dont know what any of them have read or how long they have been exercising. I'm just saying more often than not only hard core exercisers know the craft well.

    Also its best to go to a gym or have a dedicated workout partner. lifting at home by yourself is very hard for almost everyone to give complete dedication
  3. In Topic: Are They Moving The Miami Game To 4:00 Pm ?

    Posted 23 Nov 2015

    View PostNJAzrael71, on 23 November 2015 - 01:37 PM, said:

    You do realize this is a JETS site right? Who gives a flying fvck if the Giants and Jets play at the same time? Their game has absolutely ZERO bearing on the Jets.

    If you want to find out information on the Vagiants, go to their fan site and ask. Your entire thread makes one believe that it's your IQ that is 57 rather than your age.


    Oh and canuckfan

    I tried researched for an hour and couldn't even find anything about CA owning 4 teams even though we remember them owing the Rams. I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure that at one point between the mid 80`s and mid 90`s it was 5. Heck could've been earlier like in the 70`s that Ca had 5 NFL teams but like I said I could be wrong . If I'm right and they did own 5 it may have only been for a few years. All about revenue.

    A long time ago though and teams have changed states, names, conferences, new teams added, conferences reorganized, etc. The only way to find out for sure I guess would be to research each team that has moved, changed names, ceased to exist, new teams added. To much research and I'm not that worried about it or pressed to research that much so lets just go with the 4 teams we remember and say it was 4.

    If anyone of the older guys remembers 5 teams in Ca please state them. Thanks
  4. In Topic: Studs And Duds

    Posted 22 Nov 2015

    Yeah roster lineup by coaching staff. Activating Smith and deactivating Thompkins
    Decker did have over 80 yards receiving so not to bad for him
  5. In Topic: Are They Moving The Miami Game To 4:00 Pm ?

    Posted 20 Nov 2015

    View Postvjdbbq, on 19 November 2015 - 07:30 AM, said:

    Numbnuts ; both-teams-are-scheduled-for 1:00 PM ; comprenday ? :stupid:/>/>

    Numbnuts and calling people stupid huh? No I dont speak idiot with IQ`s of 10 with your 8 posts in 8 years. Or impatient threads stating nothing but Miami game time and nothing else but pissed off emoticons because you didn't get an immediate answer. I have a pacifier for you if you need one.

    At least Mike and RC are mature enough to speak with decency. You were to stupid to even answer until they explained and stated that either ga,e time could be changed.

    Show respect if you want respect.

    Week 16 and 17 are both 1:00 games also.

    Personally I dont see the point in different game times except for stadium conflicts. Different networks for games, radio shows, and tv team sports shows, and most important different fan base that generally dont like each other.Not the only teams that play in the same state. Ca. had 5 NFL teams at one point and they certainly couldn't all play at different times.

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