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Jets prepare to make some heads roll
Jetsfan0099 Icon : (Today, 04:08 PM) That's going to be hard to do, who can we hire?
santana Icon : (Today, 04:08 PM) I hope its not some stupid college coach
Jetsfan0099 Icon : (Today, 04:08 PM) A rookie HC might have more promise than some retread.
Jetsfan0099 Icon : (Today, 04:08 PM) I wouldn't mind a college coach.
mgjetman Icon : (Today, 04:09 PM) Rex take Geno with you and you can chest bump there some more.
ROBJETS Icon : (Today, 04:10 PM) Ravens in now
ROBJETS Icon : (Today, 04:11 PM) Both wild cards in AFC North now
Jetsfan0099 Icon : (Today, 04:12 PM) We have the 6th pick in the draft, if Oakland beats Denver we will have the 5th.
Jetsfan0099 Icon : (Today, 04:13 PM) Decker finished with 962 yards this season, that's with missing some games and having a nagging hamstring injury.
Jetsfan0099 Icon : (Today, 04:13 PM) Also shitty QB play
Jetsfan0099 Icon : (Today, 04:18 PM) FIRE GG03
ganggreen2003 Icon : (Today, 04:23 PM) why cause I don't want rex to be here in 2015
ganggreen2003 Icon : (Today, 04:23 PM) he needs to be fired
ROBJETS Icon : (Today, 04:31 PM) For those interested Sanchez ended the season with 14 tds 11 ints and 4 fumbles lost. 7 total fumbles total 3 recovered. 64% completion percentage by far the best of his career which is one hell of a step up in accuracy but once you factor in the total turnovers mark has still yet to have a year without more turnovers than td`s
ROBJETS Icon : (Today, 04:33 PM) actually scratch that part. mark had 1 rushing td so he evened out this year 15 total mtds and 15 total turnovers
ROBJETS Icon : (Today, 04:40 PM) He will probably get a job somewhere but not likely on a good team. No way is he taking Foles job and if he stays in Philly as a backup he is stupid to not get a potential payday. He is better off on a bad team as a starter making more money than a backup in Philly. As long as he doesn't come to the Jets I dont care where he goes.
ROBJETS Icon : (Today, 04:43 PM) Rams might be interested in him still since Bardford cant make it through one season without getting a season ending injury
ganggreen2003 Icon : (Today, 05:53 PM) BREAKING NEWS: Still Nothing on Idzik and Rex getting the axe
ganggreen2003 Icon : (Today, 05:55 PM) As of 5:53pm et there is no news as to the fates of JETS GM John Idzik and JETS HC Rex Ryan ...If this had been actual Breaking News I wouldn't be able to announce it because I'm not a Moderator on this website
ganggreen2003 Icon : (Today, 05:58 PM) This is LATE BREAKING NEWS!!!! NOTHING YET!!!!
Jetsfan0099 Icon : (Today, 06:11 PM) your breaking news is usually a day or 2 late anyways
Jetsfan0099 Icon : (Today, 06:12 PM) but you can't make a thread or make a shout?
ROBJETS Icon : (Today, 06:15 PM) lol
ROBJETS Icon : (Today, 06:19 PM) GG you should just make your own thread for all your pointless comments as opposed to blowing up the banter chat with 300 comments every game
ROBJETS Icon : (Today, 06:21 PM) wtf man? You actually expect the Woody and the Jets org to fire all the FO and coaching staff 1 minute after the game?
ROBJETS Icon : (Today, 06:32 PM) Have to seriously feel bad for the Cardinals. The way the Rams vs Seahawks game is going the Cards could get the first seed with zero chance to win the Superbowl.
ROBJETS Icon : (Today, 06:35 PM) If anyone has a raw deal they do. A great defense and having a terrible 3rd string qb that has already thrown 2 int`s today. Losing top 2 qbs for season and top running back. Amazing they have still managed to win and stay in games they lost.
Jetsman05 Icon : (Today, 07:38 PM) Robbbb
ganggreen2003 Icon : (Today, 07:48 PM) Listen it got you off the sideline and into the conversation
ganggreen2003 Icon : (Today, 07:48 PM) this place is on life support and we need to bring the banter back
ganggreen2003 Icon : (Today, 07:49 PM) and I'd rather not waste bandwith with a bullshit post like the Breaking News I posted when there is no news to actually break
Jetsfan0099 Icon : (Today, 07:58 PM) Jay Glazer is reporting Rex wants to be fired immediately.
ganggreen2003 Icon : (Today, 08:00 PM) Harbaugh is a FREE AGENT HC
ganggreen2003 Icon : (Today, 08:00 PM) GO GET HIM WOODY YOU DOUCHEBAG
ganggreen2003 Icon : (Today, 08:00 PM) Fire Rex Hire Harbaugh
ROBJETS Icon : (Today, 08:00 PM) If they are planning on firing him you cant blame him. He would rather start looking for a new job right away and get settled in somewhere else asap than let it drag on for a while in limbo.
ganggreen2003 Icon : (Today, 08:02 PM) Well we are out of the Top 5 we are projected at #6 in the 2015 NFL Draft
ROBJETS Icon : (Today, 08:02 PM) Do you not read the news. Harbaugh is headed to Michigan
Chaos Icon : (Today, 08:03 PM) harbaugh isn't a free agent if he doesnt go to michigan
ganggreen2003 Icon : (Today, 08:04 PM) well that isn't official is it
ganggreen2003 Icon : (Today, 08:04 PM) till it's set in stone he's a FA
ganggreen2003 Icon : (Today, 08:04 PM) BACK UP THE $ TRUCK YOU IDIOT GO GET HIM IN HERE WOODY
ROBJETS Icon : (Today, 08:05 PM) The latest news as of 4 hours ago is Harbaugh will be the coach of Michigan by Tuesday. Multiple reports of it.
Chaos Icon : (Today, 08:06 PM) how is he a FA?
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